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Our Mission

To provide the best cabinets at the best price with the best service.

About us

United Cabinetry is a company focused on the manufacture and distribution of high grade gray and white cabinets. Our signature products lend a straightforward elegance to a variety of projects, satisfying almost every need in the market, but our true enterprise is in satisfying the unique visions of each and every one of our discerning clientele, ensuring the best customer experience at all times. There's really nothing complicated about the world class quality of our products, or our ultra competitive pricing aimed at bringing every job to an exquisite conclusion.

We have been in the cabinet business for more than 20 years and operate warehouses all across the United States. We're readily equipped to provide you with the best prices and services.

We also have years of experience with many dealer contractors and multifamily projects.

Why us

  • Competitive prices
  • Best in industry service
  • Easy to use online portal
  • Unbeatable industry experience
  • Steadfast environmental commitment

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Environmental commitment

We have put significant effort towards offsetting our carbon pollution by adding solar panels to our factory. We are one of the few companies in this traditional industry that's doing this but we feel it's important to preserve the only home planet we have!

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